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Program HH

The Minnesota HIV/AIDS Program – Program HH is available for Minnesotans living with HIV/AIDS. There are several parts to Program HH:

  • Medication Assistance: The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) assists with the cost of many major drugs used to treat or prevent HIV–related conditions. You can have insurance through Medicare, employer–sponsored insurance, insurance through a private insurance company, or have no insurance at all and still qualify for this program. ADAP will pay for all of your medications that are on their formulary if you are uninsured. You will be responsible for a $1 copay for generic medications and a $3 copay for name brand medications. If you have insurance, ADAP can sometimes pay all of your copays except the $1 copay for generic medications and a $3 copay for name brand medications. ADAP will also pay for a generic multivitamin if it is prescribed by your doctor. View the Program HH ADAP formulary.
  • Dental Program: The Dental Program pays for routine diagnostic, preventative, and corrective dental procedures provided by an approved dentist. If you do not have other dental insurance, the Dental Program will cover your entire dental costs. If you have dental insurance, the Dental Program will cover your deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. Certain procedures require prior authorization. You must see a dentist that accepts Program HH coverage. For dental referrals, please call the AIDSLine at 612–373–2437.
  • Insurance Program: The Insurance Program pays premiums for some insurance policies including COBRA, Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA) and some Medicare supplement policies.
  • Mental Health Program: The Mental Health Program pays for some outpatient counseling and assessments with any approved state–registered mental health professional. The program can pay for all of the cost for services or copays. Prior authorization is not required for either individual or group outpatient counseling, but your provider must accept Program HH coverage. If you have any other type of insurance, your mental health provider must also be in network with that coverage.
  • Nutritional Supplement Program: This program covers up to $100 per month towards an enteric nutritional supplement that is on the Program HH formulary. In order to receive assistance through the Nutritional Supplement Program, you must meet with a dietician and fill out a prior authorization form.


In order to qualify for Program HH, you must be HIV positive, earn less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines ($2,793 a month until 6/30/2013 for a single person; $2,873 a month starting 7/1/2013 for a single person), and have less than $25,000 in cash assets. Also, if you are eligible for another Minnesota Health Care Program, Program HH will require you to apply for that program as Program HH must be the payer of last resort.

How to Apply

Program HH is administered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). Contact DHS for an application at:

Minnesota Department of Human Services
Program HH
PO Box 64972
St. Paul, MN 55164–0972

Phone: 651–431–2414 or 800–657–3761
Fax: 651–431–7414

You may also download Program HH applications online.

Program HH enrollees must reapply every six months and must report changes in income, assets or household composition as they occur.

More Information

For more information on Program HH, visit the Minnesota Department of Human Services website.

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