The Intersections of Gender, Sexual Identity, and LGBTQ Health Outcomes

*NOTE: The location of this training does vary by date*




-March 30th, June 7th, August 2nd, and October 3rd: Clare Housing Community Space, 929 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413


 -January 19th and December 5th: Minnesota AIDS Project, 2577 W Territorial Road, St Paul, MN 55114 

What is the difference between a person’s gender identity, gender expression, and gender role? How do sexual attraction, sexual behavior, and sexual identity relate? How does this impact an individual’s health outcomes? For people in the LGBTQ community, social and structural inequality, stigma, and discrimination are associated with poorer health status, and sexual orientation has been associated with multiple health threats. Providers and organizations that are welcoming, sensitive, and knowledgeable about the unique needs of the LGBTQ community can help support efforts that increase access to health care and reduce health disparities.

This training will provide:

  • A greater understanding of the language and terminology used within the LGBTQ community.
  • Knowledge of common forms of interrelated oppressions and health disparities that impact LBGTQ communities.
  • Skills to reduce organizational and therapeutic barriers for LGBTQ clients.

Training Length: 4 hours

Continuing Education Credits: Approved for 4 continuing education units by the MN Board of Nursing, MN Board of Social Work, and MN Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy (for LPC's and LADC's).

Cost: Individual Rate: $75.00 Student Rate: $60.00


Tue, Oct 3 9:00 am
- 1:00PM
Tue, Dec 5 9:00 am
- 1:00PM